What does MISS.T.CAL mean?

The brand name was inspired by the creative director’s personality and her fascination with mysticism: exotic, mysterious and always enigmatic. She also had a great interest in mythical beings, exotic design and colors. The play of words on the other hand, is her name and the way she makes her designs: MISS. T= Miss. Tsion CAL= calculated. Pattern making in MISS.T.CAL is more based on logical geometry and mathematical formulas instead of taking measurements for each part of the body.

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Founded in January 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, MISS.T.CAL is an Ethiopian premium fashion company, specializing in couture and customization. The company was founded by Tsion Bahru Zewde, who is also the creative director. It designs and manufactures fashion products including haute couture and a few ready to wear pieces. The driving force of MISS.T.CAL is to communicate art and feminism through fearless designs, while simultaneously offering a range of premium collection of clothes manufactured and sold through innovative technologies. In august 2019, MISS.T.CAL decided to integrate events into its business model. These events which raise topics of fashion, art, history, social values and beauty have managed to create awareness of the brand but also create an exciting and informative experience for the customers and the general public.


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